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 “The taste they gave me is Greek”

“ Designation of Origin: Greek”,with starting and inspiration point the paraphrase  of  Odysseas Elytis’ verse “the language they gave me is Greek”, the festival explores the contemporary identity of Greek tastes which establishes its existence in the perpetuation and preservation of a cultural-gastronomic tradition of thousands of years.

The symbolic choice of  “Gastronomy Days- Designation of Origin: Greek”  logo is also characteristic as it is an ideogram representing a barley of Linear B, having its roots in the 17th century, BC. Τhe anthropologic importance of food is proven by the fact that the majority of ancient ideograms usually have to do nutritional habits and preferences. The artwork choice of festival’s main poster is also of special importance. It includes an amazing symbolism, summarizing festival’s identity: the grains of life are thrown on earth just like we do with raw materials and ingredients during the cooking process.

We hope that the seeds we plant in “ Gastronomy Days Designation of Origin: Greek”, in May 2013, will contribute, as a collective work, to the care and blossom of the Greek gastronomic garden .