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Honored Destination

The annual term of “Honored Gastronomic Destination” is an important acquis of Gastronomy Days and a benchmarking example which demonstrates that a collective effort of local institutions, people and communities is able to become a useful potential for the enforcement of regional growth.   Aiming at the integrated promotion of the gastronomic civilization of a specific area, every year, a Greek region is invited to Gastronomy days. There, a wide spectrum of possibilities regarding representation, promotion, participation to activities, networking and cooperation with third parties is provided. From this point of view, the “Honored Gastronomic Destination” concept constitutes an initiative of  crucial importance during Gastronomy Days.

Limnos-Honored Gastronomic Destination, Gastronomy Days 2013

For this year’s festival, we selected the island of Limnos as the “Honored Gastronomic Destination” during Gastronomy Days.

In cooperation with the Municipality of Limnos, the Food Science and Nutrition Department of Aegean University, local institutions and producers, we have planned and we present you an inter-theme group of activities aiming at the mapping and promotion of the historical and modern Limnos gastronomic civilization.

During the ancient years, Limnos was the granary of Aegean. Nowadays, local institutions, producers and teams unify their forces having as target to develop a benchmarking gastronomic tourism marketing model that will combine Limnos gastronomic heritage with a modern proposition of local growth.

Our synergies with Limnos local institutions proved in practice the contribution of “Honored Gastronomic Destination” concept to the achievement of the objectives of Gastronomy Days.